Most Beautiful Hiking Spot in All of New York and New Jersey: Try Anthony’s Nose Trail Across the Bear Mountain Bridge


I have done a few hiking trails that starts at Bear Mountain Inn, including the most popular one that has 800 hand-hewn stone steps or more challenging red circle trail that gives you little bit of taste of rock climbing.

But my eyes were very much locked on Anthony’s Nose trail. Not only it is right across Bear Mountain Bridge, the scenery at the top is touted amongst hikers as one of the best in New York and New Jersey combined.

It really didn’t let us down!

anthony's nose trail new york - view of bear mountain

Ok. Let’s get started. First, if you are driving like me, I was worried about where to park. Turned out that you can street park right on the 9D. As soon as you cross Bear Mountain Bridge, make left, and that road is 9D. Literally a few hundred feet into the road, you will notice a strip of side road enough to fit about 10 cars. You will need to safely turn around and park there. Make sure to get there early. If there isn’t parking space, you will probably need to park at the Bear Mountain Inn and that can cost you if you are hiking on weekends, including extra walking.

anthony's nose trail new york - parking map

Once parked, continue walking on 9D, away from the bridge, staying on right, and you will notice a little sign about the Appalachian Trail and the entrance to the trail.

anthony's nose trail new york - from road anthony's nose trail new york - from road towards the trailanthony's nose trail new york - trail entrance

From there, it gives you a good 45 min steep incline right to the top of the mountain. It was pretty challenging so do take some break and turn your back to enjoy the glimpse of Hudson River.

anthony's nose trail new york - third point view  anthony's nose trail new york - mid point anthony's nose trail new york - rock climb

When you do reach the top, make right and still have do little more hiking until you actually reach the lookout. It does feel like it doesn’t end, especially after that strenuous hiking but continue on and you will be rewarded handsomely!

anthony's nose trail new york - flatter trail near top

Finally, you reach the top, and you will notice the American flag and the stunning view of the whole Bear Mountains, the Bear Mountain Inn, the Bridge, all look incredibly gorgeous!

anthony's nose trail new york - at the topanthony's nose trail new york - view of bear mountainanthony's nose trail new york - view of bridge 2anthony's nose trail new york - view of bridge

Of course, with all that work, make sure to capture the moment with the Flag!

anthony's nose trail new york - flaganthony's nose trail new york - flag closeup


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