Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls Trail Hike at Sam’s Point Preserve, Pine Bush, New York


In a hot summer day, Ice Caves at Sam’s Point Preserve offers great break by treating you with freezing breeze by walking through mazes of crevices of rocks. And if you are lucky, you can catch glimpse of actual ice!

It was about one and half hour drive from northern New Jersey to get to Sam’s Point Preserve visitor center. You do have to pay $10 parking fee using the ticket machine or at the office. But it definitely is worth $10.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-001-visitor-center ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-002-visitor-center-inside

From the visitor center, make right, and you will soon be greeted with two dividing paths. Make another right and this will lead us to Ice Caves, as well as, Verkeerderkill Falls.


About 15 minutes into the trail, you will find a huge, beautiful rock formation. You can either take a narrow passage up to the top of the rock through left side of the rock, or continue on to the trail and it will lead you to the top of the rock, which gives you a nice view of preserve.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-005-giant-rock ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-006-giant-rock ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-007-giant-rock-stairs ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-008-giant-rock-from-top ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-009-giant-rock-view-from-top

After enjoying nice quick break and breeze, continue onto the trail for another 15 minutes, and you will soon see the sign post to Ice Caves. Take right, and follow the trail down to Ice Caves.


I did not expect such cool, freezing breeze through the rock crevices, but it was such a cool experience to have, especially when outside is seering outside. Surrounded by rocks, and gleams of lights coming through the darkness, the trail offers one of a kind of serenity and awe.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-012-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-013-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-014-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-015-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-016-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-017-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-018-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-019-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-020-ice-cave ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-021-ice-cave

On your way back up to the trail, on your right, you will see the trail head for Verkeerderkill Falls trail.


If you are ready for a good workout with beautiful view of the landscape, Verkeerderkill Falls trail will treat you well. It is about at least two hour round trip walk through blueberry bushes and pine bushes.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-023-endless-bushes ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-024-falls-trail-passage

As you get almost tired of long winding trail that seems endless, you will hear the sound of waterfall. Though there wasn’t much water, the fall wasn’t as magnificent as we thought, but the view was still spectacular.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-025-on-top-of-the-falls ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-026-on-top-of-the-falls-looking-down ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-027-falls-natural-staircase ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-028-view-of-the-falls-from-side

My wife and I took a good 30 minute break in the stream nearby. It was great to take your shoes and socks off, and put your feet into cool, super clean water.

ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-029-stream-of-water ice-caves-and-verkeerderkill-falls-trail-030-playful-at-the-stream

If you are not up for the Verkeerderkill Falls Trail because it is little bit physically challenging, Ice Caves is definitely something I highly recommend for your family. With $10 price tag, it offers a quick break from outside world.

Happy hiking!



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