Hiking at Bear Mountain Loop via Major Welch Trail and Appalachian Trail


Do you live in NYC or NJ but haven’t made your mind yet trying out Bear Mountain Loop?

I have! During my one week staycation, I had the most privilege to hike at the Bear Mountain Loop with my wife three times!

The incline is pretty steep but the beautiful 800 hand-hewn stone steps completely compensate the effort.

Bear Mountain Trail Stone Steps

After about one hour of continuous incline to the top, the trail offers a breathtaking view!

bear mountain trail - top with june

The trail seems to be extremely popular! If you are planning on visiting during weekends, you would have to pay $8 parking fee, but it can get pretty crowded. I would recommend early morning, around 9am. For more info about the trail, try here.

If above didn’t convince you yet, I’ve captured my entire third hiking on GoPro Hero 2014 so that you can check it out first!

00:00 – Around Bear Mountain Inn
07:15 – 1/5 point – wooden bridge
09:04 – 1/4 point – scenery
10:55 – 1/3 point – scenery
21:15 – 1/2 point – scenery
25:50 – 3/4 point – scenery
35:00 – almost to the top
37:00 – the famous pine tree and the tower
37:45 – 360 degree turn with GoPro 720p SuperView mode

If you haven’t been a hiker, I can atest that the payback of seeing the view after a strenuous climb to the top is a die for, all at the same time, staying healthy!

For a newbie, I strongly suggest the following:

  • Hiking Boots – It is a must. Hiking boots have specialized grooves that allow you to get good grip over on the dirt and rocks.
  • Hiking Pole – The pole will really come in handy on decent, especially with the steep decline, as you tend to gain speed and the pole will really help you with coordination and assist your hired legs.
  • H2O – You gotta keep hydrated!
  • Extra Clothing – For hiking in Fall, I highly recommend having extra clothing, such as jacket, even though you don’t think you won’t need, it can get chilly after a few rounds of sweating.

Happy trailing!


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